July 2, 2021 | Blog

Programmatic digital out of home continues to drive innovation in China

Hivestack’s General Manager of China, Aileen Ku, recently attended the 18th China OOH Communication Conference in Chengdu, China.

Takeaways from the recent China OOH Communication Conference hosted by Asia OOH

Hivestack’s General Manager of China, Aileen Ku, recently attended the 18th China OOH Communication Conference in Chengdu, China. The event, which was organized by Asia OOH, covered a variety of content that focused on this year’s theme “Re-defining Outdoor Advertising”.  Most notably, the rise of innovations such as programmatic DOOH in the OOH landscape.

In addition to our strong presence at the event Aileen Ku also spoke on the Programmatic digital out of home, the new ways of digitalization panel (see images below) , sharing her viewpoint on how technology is, and will continue to, revolutionise the OOH industry.  With programmatic DOOH still in its early stages in China we will continue to see the channel grow in popularity in the region and it is easy to say that the benefits in shifting to a programmatic model will also continue to grow.  Aileen Ku discussed some of the ways Hivestack is revolutionising the industry through our full stack of ad technology including our DSP, SSP and AdServer products.  We are always excited to participate in conversations with fellow leaders in the industry and are excited about the future and continued growth in China. 

Here are a few additional takeaways from the event:

  • OOH advertising continues to be a valuable channel to reach audiences and with public life slowly being reestablished in the world it will continue to grow in popularity, it has authenticity and visual impact and is an integral part of the marketing mix

  • Programmatic DOOH only enhances these aspects of the channel, adding more tools to support advertisers and media owners in their quest to achieve their business objectives

  • Static OOH advertising is still a highly valuable channel to boost brand awareness and intent

  • For media buyers, programmatic DOOH provides more control of targeting and measurement, and ultimately more accurate reach to consumers at every stage of the funnel 

  • On the other side of the chain,  programmatic DOOH enhances how media owners better manage yield and inventory and can connect them with new demand sources

  • With the advancement of technology in the OOH space, first with the shift to DOOH and now with the shift to programmatic DOOH, the precision and data-driven capabilities make it a more targeted solution to drive business outcomes

  • As we see the advancement of 5G technology we will be able to connect its role in OOH advertising, this along with further data integrations, it is expected that programmatic DOOH will see enormous growth

Since launching in China early this year, Hivestack has started partnering with several established media owners and advertisers to launch programmatic campaigns in highly populated areas within the region.  As we continue to grow our business in China we are adapting our solutions to cater to the unique and ever-changing needs of our partners and the patterns and behaviours of OOH audiences.

In addition to our participation at the event, we are also incredibly honoured to have been awarded as the Annual Top 10 new media new technology company by Asia OOH.  It is an honour and we are committed to further innovations for advertisers and media owners in China.

In response to the award, Aileen Ku commented: “Year 2021 is certainly a year of programmatic digital out of home. It is our great honour to be recognised by such an established leader in the ad tech ecosystem. We are committed to driving the industry further and fostering healthy and long-term development of programmatic digital out of home in the China market”.