May 27, 2020 | 블로그

Clear Channel Singapore Launches OutSmart Programmatic and Smart Planning Tool

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OutSmart Pro launches with Hivestack, its first ad tech partner that will enable programmatic DOOH buying and selling.

Singapore — Come 1st July 2020, Clear Channel Singapore is set to meeting the demands of the industry for more data-driven decision with their launch of a programmatic Digital Out-of-Home solution, OutSmart Pro, and a smart location-intelligence and audience-based pre-and-post-planning tool, OutSmart Pin.

 The launch is an expansion from OutSmart’s suite of solutions that currently features OutSmart Connect, targeting OOH commuter audiences on their mobile phones; which in July will include OutSmart Pro, a solution that programmatically delivers DOOH advertisements on impressions and; OutSmart Pin, a pre-and-post audience planning tool that provides in-depth analysis of audience behaviour and places they are up and about.

 OutSmart Pro launches with Hivestack, its first ad tech partner that will enable programmatic DOOH buying and selling. OutSmart Pro enables marketers to connect with custom audiences in the physical world based on consumer behaviour and audience movement patterns in the OOH realm to drive business outcomes and higher accountability.

 Advertisers will be able to exercise smarter planning, creativity and precision, targeting audiences where they are or have been, on DOOH as well as mobile, with efficiency and real-time audience measurement from a single dashboard, and as much control as required, to meet their business goals.

 “There has been much enthusiasm expressed by our agency and client partners about the potential of programmatic DOOH to drive innovation, growth and real value for advertisers. We listened and we are now taking the first step into programmatic with OutSmart Pro to bring something new and exciting for our partners.

 The industry’s ability to better measure OOH and comprehend commuter behaviour has been progressively refined in recent years, and it will only continue to advance. The wealth of data available to us that is combined with programmatic technology will open a new avenue for brands to achieve both reach and power, led by data and precise targeting with OutSmart Pro.”, says Kelly Khoo, Chief Executive Officer, Clear Channel Singapore.

OutSmart Pin is a smart-targeting and audience-planning tool that combines location proximity to point-of-interest with audience and brand affinity. Powered by our location-intelligence partner, Lifesight, the tool will allow marketers to make informed decisions that best meet their audience segments and behaviour.

 “Data has sharpened the accuracy and accountability of campaign planning, the deliverables and assessment in OOH. OutSmart Pin will further validate our audience-based Proximity Packs with audience insights across demographics, category and brand preferences, and allow for more precise and customised solutions for our advertisers.”, she adds.

 “Hivestack is thrilled to be Clear Channel Singapore’s (CCS) programmatic launch partner with Outsmart Pro. CCS is leading the charge across Southeast Asia with the adoption of an audience-and measurement-first approach to programmatic DOOH. Outsmart Pro, powered by Hivestack’s ad serving capabilities, offers marketers the ability to programmatically activate CCS screens at times when there is a high density of audiences that matter most. This new paradigm enables CCS’ advertisers to buy audience-based impressions and measure business outcomes such as brand awareness, consideration and lift in footfall to stores. We look forward to seeing this partnership unfold, as we feel this is only the beginning of much more to come.” Andreas Soupliotis, President and CEO, Founder of Hivestack.

 “Now more than ever, the rapid evolution of consumer behaviour and movement has made data-driven solutions critical for the advertising industry. We are pleased to be powering both Clear Channel’s and Hivestack’s DOOH solutions, to drive audience-based planning and buying for their programmatic DOOH ecosystem. With this launch, they are at the forefront of offering innovative world class OOH solutions to advertisers in the market, so they can reach the right audience and optimise ad spend.”, says Rohit Maheswaran, Co-Founder of Lifesight.

 OutSmart Pro and OutSmart Pin will be launched on 1st July 2020.