September 28, 2022 | 블로그

Hivestack Launches International Export Business Arm in Spain

Hivestack’s world class programmatic technology enables advertisers in Spain to activate cross-border programmatic digital out of home (DOOH) campaigns globally

Hivestack’s world class programmatic technology enables advertisers in Spain to activate cross-border programmatic digital out of home (DOOH) campaigns globally

MADRID SPAIN, MONTREAL CANADA - September 28, 2022 - Hivestack, the world’s leading, independent programmatic digital out of home (DOOH) ad tech company has today announced several partnerships with leading media agencies in Spain to enable cross-border international campaigns across the world, via its unparalleled global network of premium DOOH inventory. 

Agencies to partner with Hivestack for cross-border business include Anima Advertising and NewCom Horizons, as well as Matterkind. To date, all buyers have successfully launched their first programmatic DOOH campaigns from Spain into global markets, for brands such as Capgemini, Puma, Turismos Marruecos, Disney, Sherry Wines and Johnson & Johnson. 

Using the Hivestack platform, Matterkind also launched Johnson & Johnson’ recent Spring/Summer campaign for brand Le Petit Marseillais from Madrid, Spain into France across E.Leclerc retail stores, via In-Store Media’s DOOH inventory.

Inés Armendáriz Vergarajaúregui, VP Demand Spain & Portugal commented: “Hivestack is the perfect partner for brands and agencies to plan their DOOH campaigns using the Hivestack DSP, taking advantage of unique measurement and audience tools, as well as accessing global inventory available on Hivestack SSP."

Gonzalo Ojeda, CEO, Anima Ads added: “We are excited to explore the potential of programmatic DOOH and with Hivestack’s global scale, we have the opportunity to easily connect with audiences across different markets around the world. In addition to expanding our reach, we will be able to target specific audience segments and optimize our campaigns in real-time.” 

Mario Diez, Digital Director at NewCom Horizons commented: “The irruption of programmatic in DOOH buying has led to a democratization of OOH. Now, every advertiser can reach their audiences OOH worldwide through a single point of contact. We can now offer our clients a substantial improvement in ROI by optimizing their campaigns in real time and segmenting them by social demographic profile / various different triggers.” 

Eva Pradana, Client Business Partner for Johnson & Johnson South Europe at UM Spain  said: “We were willing to jump into Digital Out of Home as we truly believed that the combination of OOH networks – the ability to reach massive audiences at a glance – and the precision of Programmatic would help us to drive not only product awareness and extraordinary results but also sales uplift. By using the right locations and the right bidding strategy, together with segmentation capabilities (i.e. time of day, venue type, hyper location, etc.), we have proved DOOH works and we are excited to explore the potential of the channel now and into the future!”

The announcement of Hivestack’s international export business allows advertisers from within Spain and other countries to activate programmatic DOOH campaigns into global markets such as the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, China and the USA. This is a significant development in the Spanish market, arriving at an opportune time as programmatic DOOH begins to pick up pace. Brands, agencies and omnichannel DSPs in Spain are starting to adopt a more data-driven approach to their DOOH marketing strategies and are now looking to take advantage of more agile buying models with improved targeting capabilities.