September 5, 2023 | 스포트라이트

Partner Spotlight: Zoom Media UK

Zoom Media

Anatole Koteczky, Sales Account Director at Zoom Media sat down with our team to share key learnings for DOOH media owners and how utilizing the Hivestack Ad Server has driven growth and unlocked new opportunities.

Who is Zoom Media? Introduce the services or solutions you offer.

Zoom specializes in getting brands in front of an affluent and active audience within high dwell time destinations. By sheer virtue of our digital screens being located in private environments, we are able to provide data driven solutions to advertisers which differentiates us from the rest of OOH. Our audiences are measured and optimized on the basis of 100% verified, first-party swipe card entry data, per hour, per day per location. This enables us to deliver, track and optimize campaigns in real-time akin to traditional programmatic publishers.

Can you discuss some of the top priorities for your business this year?

One of our top priorities this year is to grow and fully roll out our programmatic offering. As we are the only OOH vendor with access to raw first-party data we want to put our unique audiences into focus and make these widely available for advertisers and agencies through partners like Hivestack. Additionally, we are working on entering some new markets and making our screens, audiences and data available there; programmatically as well as direct by leveraging the Hivestack Ad Server. 

How have you seen new opportunities come about with programmatic platforms such as Hivestack?

Our programmatic integration with Hivestack enables us to get highly targeted campaigns up and running within record time. We can set up custom deals making our inventory available through various DSPs, as well as being accessible directly via the Open Exchange. Making all of this possible in real-time opens up new opportunities for last minute campaigns, as well as short term buys which are less common in traditional OOH. 

Additionally, the user-friendly UI invites advertisers with direct as well as digital backgrounds into the world of programmatic digital out of home.

Why was it important to integrate Hivestack’s Ad Server into your overall business strategy?

With the ever-changing OOH marketplace – reducing wastage and maximizing efficiency has never been more paramount.

As Zoom’s gym environment offers second to none member “tap in” data, we were able to utilize the Ad Server to serve ads in near real-time to target audiences, something rarely optimized in the traditional OOH industry. No loop, no linear constraints, just delivery of advertising to target audiences when at their most prevalent.

How has Hivestack’s Ad Server driven growth across your business?

Hivestack’s Ad Server has helped us to provide true audience-based campaigns using our first-party data to optimize delivery across programmatic and direct buys. Additionally our integration within the mediation layer has increased our programmatic revenue by connecting us to multiple SSP’s. 

Are there unique nuances or learnings that you can share with the media owners operating in the DOOH industry?

The Hivestack Brand Lift Study (BLS) research allows us to really tap into our gym going audiences and establish their true opinions and intentions. In an industry that traditionally reports back solely plays and impressions delivered, it puts our proposition ahead of the competition as we are able to assess recall and more importantly intent, showcasing our audience value beyond that of our environment. It truly offers ROI and accountability unavailable market wide.

What are you most excited about this year?

With 2022 focused on encouraging the adoption of Hivestack Brand Lift Studies – clients are now excited and on board with a 2nd or in some cases 3rd study so we can see how the audience's opinion had shifted with repeat exposure and new messaging. This will promote additional spends and brand retention as the year unfolds.