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Activate programmatic DOOH with precision. Globally.

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Hivestack is the first purpose-built, full stack programmatic digital out of home platform. We offer a more intelligent, targetable, measurable and impactful way to reach precise audiences outside the home.

Global scale

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United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Columbia

Venue types:

Airports, bars, billboards, colleges and universities, movie theaters, convenience stores, gyms, gas stations, golf carts, grocery, doctor’s offices, hotels, office buildings, apartment buildings, casual dining, QSR, malls, sports entertainment, recreational locations, urban panels, bus shelters, salons, train stations, subway, taxi & rideshare TV, taxi & rideshare top.


Monthly impressions per region:



United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Monaco, Portugal

Venue types:

Airports, billboards, movie theatres, gas stations, office buildings, casual dining, QSR, malls, urban panels, train stations, gyms, grocery.


Monthly impressions per region:



Australia, Mainland China, Hong Kong China, Taiwan China, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Phillipines

Venue types:

Airports, billboards, convenience stores, gyms, gas stations, doctor’s offices, malls, train stations, urban panels.


Monthly impressions per region:


Our full stack

The Hivestack SSP. Earn programmatic revenue.

Get connected to a worldwide pool of advertisers resulting in net new digital revenue.

Innovative UX. Designed with love.

The Hivestack Ad Server. Sell audiences and impressions.

Unlock the full potential of your digital inventory by optimizing revenue across direct and programmatic channels.

The Hivestack DSP. Engage your customers along their journey.

Create measurable, highly-targeted campaigns that activate custom audiences and drive business outcomes.


Headshot of Amanda Woo, Chief Development Officer (CDO), Clear Channel Singapore

“The industry’s ability to better measure OOH and comprehend commuter behaviour has been progressively refined in recent years, and it will only continue to advance. The wealth of data available to us that is combined with programmatic technology will open a new avenue for brands to achieve both reach and power, led by data and precise targeting.”

Amanda Woo,

Chief Development Officer (CDO), Clear Channel Singapore

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The future is pink. Join our team.

We’re seeking future Hivestackers with incredible passion and an entrepreneurial spirit. Help us bring our technology to every screen around the globe. Check out our current openings!

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