Burger King Case Study

Burger King New Zealand, MBM & Hivestack: serving deliciously fast results nationwide


Burger King

MBM, oOh!media

Burger King New Zealand, MBM & Hivestack: serving deliciously fast results nationwide

Globally renowned QSR chain leveraged proximity geofencing and dayparting via programmatic DOOH to drive incremental sales.

Core Objective

Burger King’s primary objective was to reach relevant audiences that were on the move across New Zealand and ultimately, increase footfall traffic into their restaurants. In addition, Burger King aimed to precisely measure the effectiveness of the campaign and analyze it for future campaign planning. 


Burger King utilized the Hivestack Demand Side Platform’s (DSP) proximity geofencing feature to plan and activate the campaign on specific DOOH screens located within a 2 km radius of Burger King restaurants nationwide. The campaign was strategically activated across 165 bus shelter locations via  oOh!media’s network of DOOH screens. This approach aimed to maximize the ad's impact on target audiences. 

Burger King then leveraged the platform’s dayparting capabilities to further optimize their campaign in-flight by activating contextual creative based on meal times and peak hours. They served 7 different  creative variations featuring different menu items contextually within a specific time frame (3pm to 10pm) on specific days. For example, only one ad ran on Wednesdays, while another only ran on Saturdays.


By the end of its two-month flight time, the campaign generated over 2.7 million impressions. To further understand the impact of the campaign on audiences, Hivestack and Burger King conducted a Footfall Lift Study (FLS) using 75 store locations in New Zealand as a benchmark. The results of the study showed a:

  • 62% lift in-store visitations (between the control and exposed groups)

  • 4.18x lift in footfall traffic based on top the 4 locations (Chartwell, Ward Street, Te Rapa, Mt Maunganui)

  • The Epsom store recorded the highest count of 4,974 modelled incremental walk-ins.

The information gathered was not only useful to understand the impact of this campaign, but can be used to aid future DOOH campaign planning. 


“We were thrilled to team up with Burger King, MBM and Hivestack for this campaign and couldn't be happier with the results. MBM’s vision of helping Burger King “own the moments that matter” across our national network truly shines as a stellar example of top-notch implementation in Programmatic DOOH. By honing in on the right audiences, in the right place and time and delivering contextually relevant creative at scale, this campaign ensured BK received the maximum ROI possible from pDOOH. Demonstrating attribution with Hivestack’s Footfall Lift study adds even more weight to our client's savvy strategy and planning, highlighting the immense potential of pDOOH when executed flawlessly. - Josh Turney, Programmatic Channel Lead, oOh!media

“Using outdoor advertising was something we had not tested before with Burger King, predominantly due to the lack of conclusive post-measurement. However, by collaborating with oOhMedia to implement targeting strategies and with Hivestack to execute them, the missing piece of the puzzle was Hivestack's footfall measurement. For the first time, we could see that our OOH efforts indeed drove an increase in foot traffic to our restaurants and consequently had a positive impact on sales for the targeted restaurants." - Nureete Burnie, Business Director, MBM