Foxtel Case Study

Hivestack and Foxtel takeover 86% of all DOOH screens in Australia




Foxtel and their media agency Mindshare partnered with Hivestack to launch the first ever programmatic DOOH “takeover” campaign in Australia.



2 million




Foxtel and their media agency Mindshare partnered with Hivestack to launch the first ever digital out of home (DOOH) takeover campaign in Australia.

Core Objective: 

Foxtel, via their media agency Mindshare, successfully delivered the first-ever programmatic digital out of home (DOOH) “takeover” in Australia via the Hivestack DSP.


Using the Hivestack Demand Side Platform (DSP), Foxtel advertised the campaign for popular drama series, Wentworth, on 86% of the billboard and retail DOOH screens available programmatically in Australia for 1 hour. The campaign was shown on large format and retail screens available via the Hivestack Supply Side Platform (SSP) across 7 of the biggest media owners in the country including QMS Media, Shopper and Val Morgan Outdoor. 

Using Hivestack’s proprietary technology, the Private Marketplace (PMP) campaign was set to serve as many plays as possible during a 1 hour time period - from 5pm - 6pm on October 26th, 2021- ensuring the domination of Foxtel’s creative and campaign messaging across 3901 screens. 


The campaign delivered a total of over 2 million impressions (2,074,136) nationally across its one hour time span, and served 184,381 adverts across 3901 screens owned by 7 different media owners.

  • The billboard advertisements secured 438,500 impressions (21.14% of total impressions) 

  • Street furniture secured 31,246 impressions (1.51%)

  • Mall screens secured 1,604,391 impressions (77.35%)


“Programmatic DOOH is redefining the planning capabilities of DOOH. It’s great to be working with clients like Foxtel, a brand willing to take risks and explore new ways of implementing their offline activity to make an impact. A takeover like this hadn’t happened before in Australia and took a great deal of collaboration with Hivestack to coordinate the buy across all the vendors. What we achieved together was a real testament to the client’s vision and the strength of our partnership.”

Guillaume David, Group Investment Director, Mindshare