New Look Case Study

Kepler partners with Hivestack to promote New Look's autumn/winter collection.
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Kepler partners with Hivestack to promote New Look's autumn/winter collection.

Iconic British high-street fashion brand activated a programmatic digital out of home (DOOH) campaign to promote their new Autumn/Winter collection.

Core Objective:

The goal of the campaign was to increase brand awareness and footfall for the launch of New Look’s A/W collection by driving their core audience into their physical store locations as well as online.


The strategy for this campaign was developed by utilising Hivestack’s unique ‘Custom Audiences’ activation solution to identify four key audience groups, which would be targeted on DOOH screens using programmatic technology.

  1. New Look key locations > Hivestack captured privacy compliant mobile device IDs observed in New Look stores and then activated DOOH screens around these locations, known as points of interest.

  2. New Look main competitors > Hivestack also identified frequent shoppers in competitor stores and targeted these users in the same way, to impact potential customers.

  3. Frequent high-street retail shoppers > By identifying key high-street locations which had the most audience traffic, Hivestack were able to target new audiences at scale, therefore increasing brand awareness & engagement for New Look. 

  4. New Look ‘Anne-Marie’ Collection > Proving the flexibility and power of its technology, mid-campaign, Hivestack introduced an additional strategy; targeting specific store locations with the additional ‘Anne-Marie’ collection to increase exposure for the brand.

It was the first end-to-end campaign in the UK using each element of the Hivestack DSP offering. Throughout the campaign, Hivestack drove improved performance for New Look by managing creative display rotation as well as weighting delivery among various sets of messaging. 

This campaign was also the first Open Exchange buy in the UK to follow the audience as they move around a variety of OOH environments (such as gyms, offices and roadside), identifying and scaling up for key locations as part of a regional test.


Hivestack’s unique custom audience and measurement capabilities enabled the New Look campaign to:

  • Reach 20.5 million  impressions - 11 million more than what was originally planned.

  • Run across 1544 unique screens in 5 major cities in the U.K.

The results of the footfall traffic study showed a: 

  • 67% lift across "New Look Competitors"

  • 73% lift across "New Look Marie-Anne Line" 

  • 63% lift across 95 key locations


"Working with Hivestack, we were able to utilise their audience-first planning capabilities to plan a string of strategies that focused on; consumer behaviours, client business priorities, competitor conquesting and key contexts nationally.

Hivestack were also able to provide access to a vast network of relevant and premium inventory through their seamless integration of the demand and supply chain. Their in-house experts were highly collaborative, becoming an extension of our team, which resulted in us delivering a DOOH campaign that was cost-efficient and effective at delivering on KPI's." - Jake Wrigley, Head Of Activation, Strategy, Kepler