March 8, 2022 | プレスリリース

Hivestack announce strategic partnership with leading Chinese media agency, BlueFocus Media

Partnership to offer Chinese brands the unique opportunity for inside-out buys, globally

Partnership to offer Chinese brands the unique opportunity for inside-out buys, globally

Shanghai, China, Montreal, Canada - March 8, 2022 - Hivestack, the world’s leading independent programmatic digital out of home (DOOH) ad tech company today announced a strategic partnership with Tomato Interactive in China, a subsidiary of BlueFocus media group (hereinafter referred to as "BlueFocus Media"). The partnership will enable Chinese brands to plan, activate and measure digital out of home (DOOH) campaigns programmatically via the Hivestack demand side platform (DSP) from within China to outside China and all over the world, to further empower their international expansion, target new global audiences and drive greater ROI.

The partnership between Hivestack and BlueFocus Media combines the strengths of both companies - the quality of BlueFocus Media’s clients omnichannel marketing business and the power and scale of Hivestack’s programmatic DOOH technology and it’s access to premium  DOOH screens globally. 

Brands that work with BlueFocus Media can now access the entire global network of DOOH screen inventory available via the Hivestack Demand-Side Platform (DSP) in more than 25 markets around the world. 

Troy Yang, Managing Director of North Asia, shared: "BlueFocus Media is an important player in the local market and has incredible insights and understanding of the needs of Chinese brands. They are also clear about the challenges Chinese brands are facing in terms of the limits to overseas advertising. Hivestack is perfectly-positioned to take on these challenges thanks to the talent of our international team and our expanding global footprint spanning over 25 markets. I look forward to working with BlueFocus Media to bring the benefits of programmatic DOOH to enable Chinese brands to reach their target audiences with more precision globally, at scale."

Pan Fei, CEO of BlueFocus Media, continued: “I am very happy to be partnering with Hivestack, the leading global programmatic digital out of home (pDOOH) platform in the market. We are excited to take a step into this  innovative industry,  which offers many opportunities to expand and elevate our current use of digital out of home (DOOH).  This new partnership will be beneficial to both sides, with Hivestack providing Chinese brands access to a global inventory and improved data capabilities, which will in turn, bring Chinese brands to international audiences. 

Since its launch in China in January 2021, Hivestack has integrated with four of the major media owners including most recently, XinChao Media. BlueFocus Media is now the leading Chinese media agency to integrate into the Hivestack DSP’s firewall-compliant technology. By utilizing programmatic DOOH, brands in China can now access Hivestack’s global inventory in the market and across the globe, in order to drive audience targeting for Chinese brands anywhere in the world.