November 24, 2022 | 블로그

Hivestack partners with China’s leading offline advertising solution provider, Focus Media

Partnership to offer programmatic scale to local and international brands across China

Partnership to offer programmatic scale to local and international brands across China

SHANGHAI, CHINA, MONTREAL, CANADA - November 24, 2022 - Hivestack, the world’s leading, independent programmatic digital out of home (DOOH) ad tech company today announced a partnership with Focus Media, China’s leading offline advertising solution provider. Focus Media’s DOOH inventory across office building elevators will gradually be integrated into the Hivestack Supply Side Platform (SSP) allowing advertisers to activate large scale programmatic DOOH campaigns via Private Marketplace (PMP) deals across China. 

Focus Media covers 2.6 million elevator terminals across China with a wide selection of interactive digital screens, including elevator screens and movie theater media networks through which advertisers can reach and engage with 300 million urban residents in China in over 230 cities on a daily basis. Integrating Focus Media’s inventory into Hivestack’s global SSP will provide unparalleled access to prime OOH media locations across China and will allow for advertisers from within China and from global markets outside to seamlessly plan, activate and measure programmatic DOOH campaigns and drive business outcomes.

Aileen Ku, General Manager China, Hivestack said: “We are thrilled to be partnering with Focus Media, one of the world’s leading  out of home (OOH) advertising companies. It is such an important addition on our supply side platform, which offers many boundless opportunities to expand and elevate our current inventory, enabling Chinese and global brands more accessible in the market to reach their target audiences with more precision.”

Andreas Soupliotis, Founder & CEO of Hivestack commented: “Our partnership with Focus Media represents a significant milestone for our business in China. We began this journey two years ago by replicating our tech stack behind the Chinese firewall to be able to power inside out opportunities for Chinese brands and also outside-in transactions, bringing overseas revenue to Chinese DOOH media owners. We are now ready for the next phase of Hivestack China - to power domestic transactions. With our Focus Media partnership, we now have incredible scale in China - enough to convince Chinese marketers to augment omnichannel budgets to include programmatic DOOH. China has been a big investment and commitment for us - we are so excited to see our vision bear fruit.”

Cindy Chen, Chief Strategy Officer, Focus Media added: “We are excited to announce this strategic partnership with Hivestack as we continue to develop our programmatic digital out of home (DOOH) offering across China. The way in which Hivestack has built their technology in China is extremely valuable to our business as Focus Media has been offering "targeted" premium ads to reach a subdivision of specific audiences. This can now be further empowered with advanced technology and data from Hivestack.”

Jason Jiang, Chairman & CEO, Focus Media said: “With the advantages of Focus Media’s centralized media resources and our strong brand exposure in the market, this partnership with Hivestack will help advertisers in China and globally to achieve rapid business growth.”

Leveraging technology and data, programmatic DOOH is empowering brands to connect and engage with audiences outside of their homes in a more concise and measurable way than ever before. Media owners are increasingly leaning towards generating DOOH revenue via programmatic. Through this new partnership, Focus Media and Hivestack have created an incredible opportunity for advertisers to engage with 300 million mainstream consumer groups in China, bringing the OOH industry to new heights with new innovation and new business breakthroughs in China.