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Kinetic Germany Launches Kinetic Journeys, a Programmatic Demand-Side Platform Powered by Hivestack

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Leading global out of home agency, Kinetic Germany, takes digital outdoor advertising to the next level with its new, fully integrated tool to plan, optimize and measure performance of highly-targeted programmatic DOOH campaigns.

Düsseldorf, Germany. October 1, 2020 – With "Kinetic Journeys", the leading out-of-home agency, Kinetic Germany will launch its new, fully integrated Demand Side Platform (DSP) with native integration of mobile device IDs to plan, control and optimise targeted DOOH advertising campaigns as of October 1st, 2020.

Developed as part of an exclusive partnership with Hivestack, the leading global programmatic digital out of home (DOOH) ad tech platform, Kinetic Journeys brings planning, implementation and reporting tools together on a single platform. DOOH campaigns are now easier and more efficient to implement. In just a few clicks, DOOH screens from top marketers including Ströer, WallDecaux, Goldbach and ECN, can be activated based on consumer behavior and audience movement patterns. 

This new Demand-Side platform offers numerous innovative targeting options, forecasting for desired target group contacts and the flexible integration of new data sources. Advertisers also benefit from detailed and smart graphic (POS) displays and new, efficient measurement approaches. 

Kinetic Journeys takes programmatic DOOH to a whole new level and gives advertisers a significant competitive advantage to get the most out of their campaign budgets thanks to its sophisticated targeting and measuring tools.

"Kinetic Journeys represents the next generation of DSP technology for DOOH in Germany," said Marc Marienfeld, CEO of Kinetic Worldwide Germany. “Thanks to the complete focus on DOOH and the native integration of mobile IDs, Kinetic Journeys offers ideal conditions for optimised DOOH purchasing, from one-to-many to many-selected. Our DSP provides the most efficient options for planning and implementing programmatic DOOH on a single platform, which enables better campaign management with unique targeting and reporting options. And that's just the beginning: with our exclusive partnership with Hivestack, we will gradually develop Kinetic Journeys to ensure our customers achieve new levels of success with DOOH."

Kinetic Journeys brings together the best of DOOH targeting and mobile movement data and combines the most innovative targeting options directly in one DSP in order to reach target groups in the best possible way via programmatic DOOH. Audience targeting is also integrated, which uses the natively integrated live movement data via device IDs to identify a high concentration of the targeted audience and enables rule-based dynamic optimisation within the campaign. Extensive intent, behavior and footfall data are available for targeted addressing of mobile target groups. Kinetic Journeys brings together the best of DOOH targeting and mobile movement data.

“We are ecstatic to be partnering with Kinetic Germany. Kinetic Journeys is a whitelabeling of the Hivestack DSP, bringing together best-in-class technologies from Hivestack and Kinetic Germany.” said Andreas Soupliotis, CEO, Hivestack. “With our presence in the German market, Hivestack has established itself as the global tech leader in programmatic DOOH advertising, offering unprecedented audience targeting, supply activation, and measurement capabilities. We can’t wait to see the results this partnership will drive for Kinetic Germany’s clients.”

Smart visualization and reporting options simplify campaign optimization. Intelligent graphical representations, filters by location and media as well as intuitive usability simplify the planning and implementation of DOOH campaigns at all times. For example, all relevant campaign parameters can be merged via an animated DSP heatmap in order to view the targeted audience concentration measured in-front of the screens based on real-time data. For the ongoing optimization and mapping of the campaigns, Kinetic Journeys offers comprehensive and granular reporting options, including separate reporting of target group contacts.

About Kinetic

Kinetic, the world's largest and most innovative Out-of-Home (OOH) planning agency brings forward the future of OOH communication for brands. Kinetic uses intelligence, technology and creativity for brands to communicate with valuable audiences on the move. Kinetic consistently pioneers new ways to make OOH interactive, social, and measurable. A global agency network within WPP, Kinetic has 27 offices in 16 countries and an operating network of affiliates worldwide serving hundreds of agencies and brands.

For more information, please visit https://kineticww.com

About Hivestack

Hivestack is a global, full stack, marketing technology company that powers the buy and sell-side of programmatic digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising. On the buy side, marketers use Hivestack’s Demand-Side Platform to create measurable campaigns that activate DOOH screens in real time based on consumer behaviour and audience movement patterns. 

On the sell-side, DOOH media owners use Hivestack’s Supply-Side Platform & Ad Exchange to attract programmatic revenue. DOOH media owners can also use Hivestack’s Ad Server to power audience-based, directly sold campaigns. Attribution is a first class-citizen throughout Hivestack’s platform, offering buyers and sellers the ability to measure business outcomes at all stages of the consumer sales funnel.

Hivestack is headquartered in Montreal, Canada, and has global operations in Toronto, Tokyo, London, New York and Sydney.

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