Extend your omnichannel reach with digital out of home.

Tap into over 1 trillion monthly impressions across the globe.

City skyline with tall buildings, lights and pink neon lines moving towards the sky.
City skyline with tall buildings, lights and pink neon lines moving towards the sky.

Get access to audiences - everywhere

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Access to global supply.

Access to some of the most prestigious screens around the world with Hivestack’s programmatic platform. You’ll be able to tap into thousands of global locations to complete your omnichannel campaigns. Scale and precision all at once.

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Exclusive and unique supply in Japan.

With outdoor, in-store, train station, subway and shopping mall screens across the country, Hivestack and our partner LIVE BOARD can offer you and your brands access to over 1.2 billion monthly impressions in one of the world’s busiest and most coveted markets.

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Open auction RTB support.

Hivestack is there when you need us – to help you access and secure global DOOH inventory in an instant.

Global scale

Reach audiences worldwide.


Brazil, Canada, Chile, Columbia, Mexico, Peru, United States

Venue types:

Airports, bars, billboards, colleges and universities, movie theaters, convenience stores, gyms, gas stations, golf carts, grocery stores, doctor’s offices, pharmacies, hotels, office buildings, apartment buildings, casual dining, QSR, malls, sports entertainment, sport arenas, recreational locations, urban panels, bus shelters, salons, train stations, subway, taxi & rideshare TV, taxi & rideshare top


Monthly impressions per region:



Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Qatar, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom

Venue types:

Airports & ferry, billboards, colleges and universities, gas stations, grocery & convenience stores, gyms, health & beauty stores, mall, office buildings, parking garages, subway, taxi & rideshare TV, train stations, leisure, urban panels


Monthly impressions per region:



Australia, Mainland China, Hong Kong China, Taiwan China, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia

Venue types:

Airports, billboards, convenience stores, gyms, gas stations, EV charging stations, doctor’s offices, shopping malls, train stations, urban panels, taxi & rideshare top, bus stations & terminals, apartment buildings, office buildings, hair salons, vet offices, casual bars & dining


Monthly impressions per region:


Embrace the digital universe

Activate audiences across all screens for your advertisers.

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We support OpenRTB 2.6.

We keep our endpoint open and embrace OpenRTB 2.6. We enable your clients to buy DOOH inventory on the open exchange, or through private marketplaces deals (PMPs) from your DSP.

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We support DPAA standards & practices.

Hivestack is a global member of the Digital Place-based Advertising Association (DPAA). We support their standards, practices and formats, while also offering access to insights, resources and leadership forums around the world.

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First & second price auctions.

The choice is yours. We support both first and second price auction models.

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24-hour customer support.

Our easy-to-access personalised support staff are ‘always on’ and ready to ensure that you’re pacing at 100%.

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Technical specifications.

We believe in supplying our clients with relevant and helpful documentation.

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