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We can help you:

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Target custom audiences.

Our platform allows you to target customers along their journey in real-time. Bringing the power of data to DOOH.

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Market at scale.

Buy impressions in real-time across the largest source of inventory from global DOOH media owners.

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Drive outcomes.

Attribute lift in awareness, consideration, intent and visitation to programmatic DOOH ad exposure.

Global scale

Reach audiences worldwide.


Brazil, Canada, Chile, Columbia, Mexico, Peru, United States

Venue types:

Airports, bars, billboards, colleges and universities, movie theaters, convenience stores, gyms, gas stations, golf carts, grocery stores, doctor’s offices, pharmacies, hotels, office buildings, apartment buildings, casual dining, QSR, malls, sports entertainment, sport arenas, recreational locations, urban panels, bus shelters, salons, train stations, subway, taxi & rideshare TV, taxi & rideshare top


Monthly impressions per region:



Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Qatar, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom

Venue types:

Airports & ferry, billboards, colleges and universities, gas stations, grocery & convenience stores, gyms, health & beauty stores, mall, office buildings, parking garages, subway, taxi & rideshare TV, train stations, leisure, urban panels


Monthly impressions per region:



Australia, Mainland China, Hong Kong China, Taiwan China, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia

Venue types:

Airports, billboards, convenience stores, gyms, gas stations, EV charging stations, doctor’s offices, shopping malls, train stations, urban panels, taxi & rideshare top, bus stations & terminals, apartment buildings, office buildings, hair salons, vet offices, casual bars & dining


Monthly impressions per region:


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Benefits of utilizing Hivestack’s DSP

Activation, tracking and optimization simplified.

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The price is always right.

Our bidder helps buyers get the most out of their spend by leveraging machine learning and predictive modelling over bid stream data to activate the best screens at the best CPM, every time.

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Open exchange & PMP.

Want to access countless media owners? Done. Connect to various exchanges and SSPs, including the Hivestack Exchange via OpenRTB, allowing for private marketplace deals or open exchange buys.

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Make the most out of your data.

Trigger-based delivery enables you to decide when your campaign should be delivered based on nuanced targeting parameters, such as audience concentration, real-world behaviour, proximity to a point of interest, weather conditions, and more.

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Full funnel measurement.

You can choose standard or customized measurement solutions that reach your preferred audience wherever they are in the funnel.

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Enhanced optimization.

Our DSP puts you in the driver’s seat and allows you to take control of your pacing and bidding strategy. Optimize in real-time to deliver against even the most ambitious campaign goals.

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Make our DSP your DSP.

We provide you with the opportunity to white-label our DSP so you can bring your client campaigns to life under your brand.


Headshot of Kevin McDonald, CEO, Kinetic Canada

“What’s resonated with us is Hivestack’s ability to lean forward and take every challenge that we’ve given them and run with it. We’ve come up with a lot of crazy ideas starting back in early 2019 when our partnership began. The answer has never been ‘no’. The answer is just ‘yes’, we’ll figure it out.”

Kevin McDonald,

CEO Agency X Inc

A more intelligent platform

Engage your customers along their journey.

Activate screens that have a high propensity to overlap with prominent consumer journeys.

Seamless. Precise. Proven.

Measurement made easy.

Determine the impact of your campaign: our powerful dashboard measures outcomes at all stages of the consumer sales funnel.

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