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Connecting beyond borders: How Com2uS became North Asia’s first “inside-out” programmatic DOOH campaign in the USA
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MLB 9 Innings 22


Connecting beyond borders: How Com2uS became North Asia’s first “inside-out” programmatic DOOH campaign in the USA

South Korea’s leading multi-content and gaming platform company leveraged the Hivestack Demand Side Platform (DSP) to drive awareness for their mobile baseball game, targeting unique audiences in the USA.

Core Objective: 

Com2uS wanted to drive awareness of their “MLB 9 Innings 22” mobile game with a target audience of baseball enthusiasts residing in the West coast of the United States. Their goal was to advertise the game to baseball fans visiting the Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California to watch the Major League Baseball tournament. 


Leveraging several features within the Hivestack DSP, Com2uS was able to plan, activate and target their custom audience in close proximity to the Angel Stadium via multiple DOOH screens across various formats.

  • In order to target key audiences at the most optimal times of day, Com2uS utilized the Hivestack DSP to geofence a 10km radius around Angel Stadium. Using the Hivestack platform, Com2uS activated the campaign 3 hours before and after each game when a high propensity of the target audience was present in close proximity to the screens. 

  • Com2uS then leveraged Hivestack’s diverse collection of media inventory in order to engage with their audiences in different environments and key points of interest (POI), delivering beyond digital billboards, to include other venues such as convenience stores, malls and even gas stations within the geofenced area. 


Utilizing the Hivestack DSP, Com2uS achieved unprecedented targeting and measurement results, including: 

  • Over 5 million impressions on screens in and around key areas of interest at the targeted “optimal” eCPM as set out in the objectives


“The collaboration with the Hivestack team has enabled Com2uS to light up new markets and bring our campaigns to a global audience. With Hivestack’s geotargeting technology, we were able to deliver the campaign to the right customer, at the place and at the right time.” - Youngjoo Park, Director of Marketing & Content Center, Com2uS