BrewDog Case Study



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Renowned Scottish craft brewery and pub chain activated the first “Moment Targeting” campaign in London, UK to drive awareness and sales

Core Objective

BrewDog, the renowned Scottish craft beer brewery and pub chain, sought to increase the brand awareness of their "Hazy Jane" beer by tapping into the “hazy summer sky” weather phenomenon which is an occasional occurrence in the UK’s capital city, London, during the summer season. 

In order to achieve this goal, BrewDog launched a programmatic DOOH campaign that included a series of attention-grabbing, larger-than-life creative visuals. 


The campaign was a true testament to innovation using programmatic DOOH technology to utilize “Moment Targeting”. 

Using the Hivestack platform in collaboration with Flux, BrewDog created a custom "Haze Moment" for their Hazy Jane beer to trigger the campaign to activate only when the sky was hazy. The trigger, a first of its kind, was created by aggregating data from Flux's global environmental and air quality partners, including Dark Sky, Accuweather, Ambee, and Breezometer. This allowed BrewDog to capitalize on real-time weather updates to ensure maximum relevance of the campaign. 

The campaign ran for two weeks on 10 iconic billboards and urban panels in Greater London exclusive to JCDecaux UK, including the M4 Torch, Holland Park Tower and the Shoreditch Showcase.


The "Hazy Moment" campaign for BrewDog’s "Hazy Jane" beer developed by its media agency Craft and channel specialist Goodstuff, achieved the following successful outcome: 

  • Over 1 million impressions delivered in hazy moments to target audiences in London, UK

The success of Hazy Jane saw BrewDog run another programmatic DOOH campaign through the Hivestack platform shortly after for the BBQ season, with additional campaigns also being planned into the future.


This was a great opportunity to develop & test the capabilities of delivering a moment of context for our Hazy Jane campaign. As far as we know no one’s attempted to define ‘haze’ as a media trigger, indeed it took some time outdoors observing the weather conditions that combine to create haze – which inform our bespoke trigger. Whilst we knew the nature of the activity would be hard to relate back to a measurable ROI, our confidence in the channel for BrewDog allowed us to explore a truly innovative and creative opportunity for the brand. The campaign met all our expectations.

Roy Shepherd, Head of Out of Home, Goodstuff