Circle K Case Study

Digital board displaying the Circle K campaign in Canada.
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Circle K

GroupM, Kinetic, Xaxis

Digital board displaying the Circle K campaign in Canada.


Kinetic and the multinational convenience store chain, Circle K, were looking to create a campaign that mimicked the audience’s physical environment - in the most literal sense: targeting the weather.  

In a traditional out-of-home scenario, targeting at such a granular level is next-to-impossible, and the reality was this campaign required real-time targeting, accuracy and creative optimization based on several factors.  

The main objective of this car wash campaign was to reach and engage with on-the-go audiences showcasing various creative messaging based on the local weather. Finally, the key to success was to deliver measurable outcomes to use against existing business KPIs.    


From a creative standpoint, this campaign required several different messages to be served via the Hivestack DSP based on the local weather. Contextual creative targeting would require our platform to serve the most appropriate creative in real-time to targeted audiences in selected locations.  

Agency partner Kinetic used our custom audiences as an acquisition tactic - to reach targeted devices observed at competitive gas stations that offer car washes and as to also promote retention of existing consumers through geofencing their locations and encouraging return visits.  

Leveraging past and present location data, the Hivestack DSP bid on screens at times and locations where it saw a high concentration of the custom audiences. All on the open marketplace. In further, to detect foot traffic attribution we also layered on a lift study to better measure the impact of the campaign.


In looking at measurable outcomes, this campaign focused on audience reach and engagement, ultimately leading to conversations. The results? Consumers that were exposed to programmatic digital out of home were 24% more likely to visit Circle K locations and 657 modeled incremental walkins were generated.  

This was by far the most important piece for our partners, Kinetic and Circle K - being able to measure and attribute real-world business outcomes.