Hydrow Case Study

Hydrow & Hivestack: A rowing success in Great Britain
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Hydrow & Hivestack: A rowing success in Great Britain

Leading fitness equipment brand utilized programmatic digital out of home (DOOH) to increase brand perception, consideration and awareness

Core Objective: 

Hydrow, the leading at-home connected rower, wanted to drive awareness and generate demand for their product across Great Britain, positioning itself as the best choice for those looking for an immersive, full-body workout from home that they'll be able to commit to. The campaign’s success was contingent on measuring an increase in brand perception, consideration and market awareness.


The campaign was activated in 31 regions across Great Britain. London was on the top of the list with the most significant screen volume, followed by other major cities; Birmingham, Newcastle, Reading and Edinburgh. Using the Hivestack Demand Side Platform (DSP), in particular its geolocation technology, Hydrow activated a successful and effective programmatic DOOH campaign. 

A variety of environments were selected to achieve specific outcomes. Gyms, billboards, and shopping malls were selected as priority screen types. Strong locations and strategic points of interest were chosen to increase brand awareness and reach potential audiences.

The campaign targeted upper-middle-income users in the major cities in Great Britain and frequent users of Tier 1 gyms. Indexing a substantial audience concentration, the end result was an audience concentration average of 99%.

Hivestack conducted a Brand Lift study to further understand the impact of the campaign on audiences who were exposed to the ad (exposed group) and those who were not (control group).


The Brand Lift study revealed the efficiency and success of the campaign, with results demonstrating an increase in all KPIs among exposed vs. control audiences. 

  • 29% increase in brand awareness

  • 29% increase in creative interest (a positive and engaging response to the campaign creative)

  • 26% increase in purchase intent (ad recall impact)

Among the exposed audiences, a quarter of consumers remembered seeing the ad and a high percentage of those surveyed connected the campaign with the Hydrow brand. 


“Through working with Hivestack, we've expanded our reach beyond an original baseline and set live an innovative creative approach, to encourage brand engagement. By using their sophisticated targeting capabilities, we've been able to purchase inventory with complete relevance to our audience. We hope to extend our investment into Hivestack in order to continue to generate demand for the brand, and take advantage of its innovative approach to OOH advertising.” - Marie Le Hur, Director of Sales & Marketing, Hydrow.