Intel Case Study

Digital board displaying Intel campaign.
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Digital board displaying Intel campaign.


Intel’s main objective for this campaign was to drive intent and brand consideration among key decision makers in the B2B category, with a focus on audience segments across healthcare, retail, and manufacturing industries across Japan.


Inspired by the criteria championed by Intel’s leadership, known as the “3As” approach we created our solution based on the following outlines:

Addressable: programmatic screens to be activated when triggered

Accountable: to ensure ads were delivered

Attributable: measurable outcomes

The Hivestack DSP is centred around delivering impressions based on selected triggers on DOOH screens and our partnership with LIVE BOARD ensures the breadth of quality and scale to reach audiences across Japan. Our ad operations meet the highest standards of accountability to ensure pre-campaign, delivery and post-campaign goals are met.

With measurement being such an integral component of the campaign, Hivestack was able to add a lift study that would allow for us to analyze a surge among key decision makers by measuring an increase in intent among the exposed group versus the unexposed control group of devices to determine the true impact of the campaign. 

Geofences were used to identify key decision makers (custom audiences) located at corporate offices, major branch hubs, places of business, and industry-related conferences that took place in late 2019 and early 2020. In total, intent from 1704 business domains was measured. 


The Intel campaign is an example of a very successful, cross-continent programmatic DOOH initiative. The campaign delivered on its promise to drive intent and brand consideration among healthcare, retail, and  manufacturing decision makers. The lift results were outstanding! With LIVE BOARD’s eye-catching screens, the “See It All” campaign  generated an impressive B2B surge for each decision maker segment which we attributed to ad exposure. Overall we saw a 11.2% increase in general business, 11.1% lift across the healthcare segment, 6.8% lift across the manufacturing segment and 6.9% lift in retail.