October 19, 2022 | Blogs

Forget the latest viral TikTok video, your DOOH campaign just went global

How programmatic DOOH broke down the barriers to globalization

How programmatic DOOH broke down the barriers to globalization.

Programmatic DOOH technology has added more flexibility to out of home (OOH) than was ever possible in the channel and that's no longer restricted to a local, national level. Now buyers can push the effectiveness of their OOH campaigns further, both in terms of effectiveness and geographics, taking advantage of the truly borderless activation capabilities offered by programmatic DOOH technology. With a robust, worldwide infrastructure of DOOH inventory available on the Hivestack Supply Side Platform (SSP), marketers have a variety of global transaction options. All with a click of a button, from one consolidated touchpoint, they can activate campaigns leveraging the Hivestack Demand Side Platform (DSP) from within their market all over the world, connecting with audiences in a combination of different countries at the same time, across both oceans and timezones.

Tapping into hard-to-reach markets

The opportunity for “Outside-in” buying sees programmatic DOOH activation really come into its own for both the buyer and media owner. To appreciate its power, we just have to consider a market like China, where brands outside of the market have historically found it impossible to reach Chinese customers. China is well known for its strict regulations, not least of which is The Great Firewall. Now with Outside-In transactions, buyers outside of the country using the Hivestack DSP are able to activate DOOH screens within China powered by the Hivestack SSP. This is uniquely possible because the Hivestack SSP is purpose built to sit behind the Chinese Firewall and is integrated with some of China’s most influential media owners. As well as the obvious benefits for brands outside of the market, crucially it allows Chinese media owners to monetise their DOOH inventory from a global pool of buyers, driving net new revenue than were they still limited to domestic trade.

Buyers can finally reach those hard-to-access individuals to drive additional business growth in China, activating DOOH screens in popular, high-traffic areas (as well as globally), no matter where they are in the world. With a population of over1.41 billion this presents a seismic opportunity to drive additional scale for client campaigns globally and the growth of DOOH as a channel as more media owners understand the revenue opportunities from non-domestic business.

All over the world, all of the time

By using an audience-centric planning approach, DOOH as a channel can forget about any geographical restrictions. There exists a very exciting future where campaigns can run freely across borders, targeting the right audiences, in the right place at the right time, whether within 5km or 50,000km.

In the same way as we have seen with activation into previously hard-to-reach markets, Chinese brands are no longer limited to domestic DOOH trade and are able to buy into markets all over the world, again due to Hivestack’s Firewall compliant software. This has major revenue implications to media owners everywhere, especially those looking to diversify their demand sources and revenue streams. To understand the scope and scale of this for markets in North Asia. Take for example South Korea’s leading multi-content and gaming platform company, Com2uS. Leveraging the Hivestack DSP to drive awareness for their new mobile baseball game, a gaming company in Seoul was able to specifically target baseball fans visiting the Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California USA to watch the Major League Baseball tournament. Precise targeting to custom audiences in specific areas of interest all over the world, is now possible from a single buying point. Com2uS’s new mobile game, “MLB 9 innings 22”, might have been more limited to domestic conversions without the accessible and scalable aspects of programamtic DOOH. Instead, the campaign delivered over 5 million impressions on screens in and around a stadium in one of the USA’s major cities, Los Angeles, opening it up to seismic reach and scale.

A truly global solution

Hivestack’s advanced programmatic DOOH technology enables global buyers to access premium DOOH screens in over 25+ markets across the world. Connecting to the Hivestack Platform gives brands and media owners access to our global team of experts and customer support portal. From answering FAQs, to insights on market specs, our team is here to guide you through the process and optimize your success.

Whether you are a brand, agency or omnichannel DSP looking to plan your next global campaign, or a media owner needing a partner to attract net new global revenue, get in touch with our team today.