February 17, 2022 | Expert Insights

Leveraging the power of in-flight optimization to drive maximum efficiency and results in DOOH

Programmatic DOOH allows you to take control of your pacing and bidding strategy and optimize in real-time to deliver against even the most ambitious campaign goals

Programmatic DOOH allows flexibility of your pacing and bidding strategy and optimize in real-time to deliver against even the most ambitious campaign goals.

Measuring the effectiveness of a campaign and driving return on investment (ROI) remains a top priority for advertisers across all channels and mediums, including digital out of home (DOOH). 

As new technologies, such as programmatic DOOH emerge in the channel, once previously impossible options have now become available and are quickly changing the landscape for buyers and sellers. In the post-pandemic world, the option of budget fluidity is a welcome relief. Programmatic pricing models are flexible and give brands and agencies the power to increase or decrease ad spend, adjust campaign parameters, or even pause campaigns altogether in response to external changes, all in real-time.

The power of in-flight optimization allows advertisers to leverage real-time data from several variables to maximize the ROI or delivery of their ad campaigns, ultimately strengthening overall results.

The Hivestack Demand Side Platform (DSP) offers advertisers real-time data intelligence about audience movement patterns and high traffic locations, empowering them with a new ability to adjust their strategy “mid-flight” in order to maximize the performance of their campaign(s). The Hivestack platform was created with the user’s experience in mind, so the data is presented in a real-time hourly report and color coded based on impression deliveries. Users can have a deeper understanding of which time of the day,  day of the week, which location, and on which screen their campaigns are performing the best.

With the power of this information at their fingertips, advertisers can shift budgets while the campaign is still running and maximize spend across the highest performing areas based on their KPIs, ultimately reaching audiences with more precision and efficiency.

As the DOOH and OOH advertising landscape continues to evolve, exciting advancements driven by technology, such as in-flight optimization, collectively build a sophisticated toolbox for advertisers to adapt their strategies and drive real world business outcomes.

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