March 16, 2022 | Platform Features

Hivestack Product Series Vol. 1: Precision Targeting in Programmatic DOOH

Tapping into target audiences with a thorough understanding of their movement patterns adds incremental value and stronger results to every programmatic DOOH campaign.

Learn how programmatic DOOH is positioned to drive more impactful connections with audiences outside the home through a variety of precise targeting solutions.

Programmatic DOOH has become one of the fastest growing advertising mediums globally. Every successful DOOH campaign emerges from engaging with relevant audience datasets and contextual messaging that is delivered to them at the right place and at the right time.

Tapping into target audiences with a thorough understanding of their movement patterns adds incremental value and stronger results to every programmatic DOOH campaign. It not only drives meaningful connections and audience engagement, but also has proven potential to drive real world business outcomes.

This audience-centric approach allows for advertisers to customize their targeting strategy using pre-built or bespoke customized segments that can be further leveraged for retargeting across mobile and other digital channels, maximizing effectiveness of the campaign from a holistic perspective.

With the Hivestack DSP, precision targeting is as simple as it’s ever been, and here’s how it can be done:

1) Predefined Segments

Our platform presents media buyers with a variety of pre-built demographic, behavioral, and contextual audience segments, all of which are ready to be activated at the click of a button. These thousands of pre-built audience segments are created by combining numerous demographic, behavioral, and psychographic datasets from multiple industry-leading data partners. Having valuable and actionable insights into your target audience only further enhances the power of OOH advertising.

2) Geo-Location Targeting

Targeting by location is as easy as creating a geofence around points of interest using automated polygon tools. These targeting parameters play a very crucial role in effective ad delivery as they set the foundation for an impactful location-based targeting campaign. Precision targeting happens in real-time, ensuring that the right message is always delivered to the right audience.

In addition to setting up targeting preferences, it’s important to also define the reach, essentially determining location boundaries within which the programmatic campaign will take place. 

3) Custom Audiences

Creating custom audience segments according to your campaign goals is ideally the most effective way to ensure you are reaching your true target audience with precision and accuracy. Advertisers have the ability to layer multiple different datasets together, creating a bespoke audience that merges predefined segments with curated geo-locations and POIs and even their own first party data.

This will allow for your selected audience’s macro movements to be analyzed leveraging the anonymized device IDs and their geotemporal data. Key opportunities are identified when there is a high concentration of audiences within the defined criteria, and advertising messaging is delivered programmatically at precisely the right moment for optimal impact.

With data-driven precision targeting, combined with real-time campaign monitoring and measurement capabilities, programmatic DOOH has the potential to redefine ROIs in OOH.

Article written by Dara Pourafzal, VP Product. To learn more about Hivestack’s precision targeting capabilities, contact us here.