Matrix 4 Case Study

Hivestack, Warner Bros., Dive Networks and Twitter: bringing the Matrix Resurrections into the real world for cinema enthusiasts
Hivestack supports Warner Bros. with the release of The Matrix Resurrections


Warner Bros.

Dive Networks, LIVE BOARD

Hivestack, Warner Bros., Dive Networks and Twitter: bringing the Matrix Resurrections into the real world for cinema enthusiasts

American multinational mass media and entertainment conglomerate activated a global digital out of home (DOOH) campaign by leveraging the real-time nature of programmatic DOOH, creating buzz for their upcoming film around movie theaters.

Campaign Details: 

Japan was selected as the initial launch market to premiere the new Matrix movie, “The Matrix Resurrections'' on December 22nd, 2021. In anticipation of this event, Hivestack supported a global DOOH promotional campaign in partnership with Dive Networks and Twitter across social and DOOH channels. 


The objective of the campaign was to leverage the power of social media and to integrate into out of home (OOH) environments, projecting local tweets on DOOH billboards in an effort to create excitement and increase engagement around the newest addition to the Matrix movie franchise. With engagement and interactivity at the forefront of this campaign, fans of the film were able to use the #TheMatrixResurrections hashtag in order to see their tweets featured on digital screens around movie theaters in Japan. 


The campaign was part of a series of outside-in buys. These are campaigns that are purchased by brands and agencies that are based outside of the country in which the ads are being displayed. 

The solution was twofold; beginning with the use of geotemporal data to identify key billboards located nearby major movie theaters in Shibuya and Shinjuku. From there, an integration with a custom API from Twitter allowed Hivestack to successfully deliver a series of campaign creatives, which included tweets from fans using the custom hashtag and were displayed on premium LIVE BOARD billboards.


The campaign was able to be successfully delivered programmatically via the Hivestack DSP, integrate seamlessly with social content via The Dive Network’s technology, and activated on LIVE BOARD screens in Japan. Other key highlights include:

  • The campaign strategically ran across billboards that were on-the-path-to and in proximity to theater premiere locations 

  • Over 1.7 million targeted impressions delivered in only two days on a limited number of screens

  • The campaign was later activated in several additional markets, such as San Francisco, New York, and Miami

  • True omnichannel execution, via a successful integration with Twitter 

Testimonials (From Dive Networks, Warner Bros & Twitter)

"Our collaboration with the Hivestack Japan team has enabled DIVE's campaign producers to light up new markets and bring our campaigns to a global audience.  The Twitter billboard campaign for “The Matrix Resurrections” is a perfect example of creative innovation and custom targeting solutions to engage and reward audiences for being a part of the global conversation."

Michael Grgis,  Co-Founder - DIVE Networks Inc.

“Throughout 2021 we have continued to innovate with partners and for “The Matrix Resurrections,” digital billboards were selected that encapsulated the epic scope of the film, as well as eye-level digital canvases that lead the way to local movie theaters. Using jaw-dropping digital out-of-home placements and custom captured footage from Keanu Reeves, casual travelers can get immersed in ‘The Matrix Resurrections’ and share the excitement with the community of fans both online and in the real world.” 

Bryan Warman, SVP Worldwide Digital Marketing - Warner Bros.

“We are excited to amplify the best of our global conversation on-platform for the return of the iconic Matrix  franchise. Bringing real-time energy from the Twitter timeline to the real-world is an impactful way to engage and immerse fans in the upcoming release. It’s a brilliant way to honor this incredible & beloved franchise." 

Briana McElroy, Global Client Lead, Media and Entertainment - Twitter