February 8, 2024 | Blogs

Game On: Elevating Sporting Event Marketing with DOOH Brilliance

Explore some of the significant benefits advertisers can derive from incorporating programmatic DOOH strategies during global sports extravaganzas.

Global sports events such as the upcoming Super Bowl, Olympics and Euro 2024 have the power to unite and inspire the masses. They also provide a unique opportunity for advertisers to reach massive audiences and create lasting impressions thanks to multiscreen viewing

With the sports market expected to see an annual growth rate of 9.66%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$4.18bn by 2027, marketers that integrate programmatic digital out of home (DOOH) within the wider marketing mix are more likely to get a bigger piece of the pie. 

Enhanced Interactivity & Creativity
DOOH offers an unparalleled canvas for creative storytelling. During global sports events, advertisers can leverage programmatic capabilities to deliver dynamic and interactive content across a myriad of screen formats. Tailored messaging based on the context of the event, such as displaying live scores, team statistics, or interactive polls, enhances consumer engagement and creates memorable experiences. This heightened creativity helps advertisers connect with audiences in a way that traditional static advertising cannot achieve.

Global & Local Reach
These events attract a diverse audience, oftentimes spread out across the globe, making programmatic DOOH an ideal platform for advertisers to showcase their brand to both local and international consumers with ease. Programmatic DOOH allows for precise targeting, ensuring that advertisers can tailor their messages to specific regions, demographics, or even individual venues without even being present in the market. This global and local targeting capability enables brands to connect with audiences on a personal level, fostering a sense of community and relevance across oceans and continents.

Real-Time Targeting & Agility
Programmatic DOOH provides advertisers with the flexibility to adapt their campaigns in real-time based on evolving events during sports tournaments. Whether it's leveraging DCO to react to game-changing moments or tailoring messages to specific teams or players, programmatic technology enables advertisers to stay agile and relevant. This real-time capability ensures that brands remain in sync with the dynamic nature of sports events, making their campaigns more impactful and resonant.

Optimizing with Data-Driven Insights
Programmatic DOOH allows advertisers to collect and analyze real-time data, providing valuable insights into campaign performance. By monitoring audience behavior, interaction rates, and conversion metrics, advertisers can make data-driven decisions to optimize their campaigns on the fly. This level of precision ensures that marketing budgets are allocated effectively and that the messaging resonates with the target audience.

Massive Reach & Engagement
Global sporting events attract a colossal viewership, offering advertisers an unparalleled opportunity to engage with a diverse and massive audience. Utilizing programmatic DOOH ensures that advertisers can strategically place their messages in audience-dense  locations, capturing the attention of fans, both in-stadium and at home. This precision and reach allows advertisers to amplify brand visibility and drive consumer engagement on a global scale.

As advertisers continue to seek innovative ways to capture audience attention, programmatic DOOH advertising has emerged as a powerful tool, especially during global events. Embracing this technology ensures that brands not only stand out amidst the sports spectacle but also create lasting impressions that resonate with a global audience.